What Is ERP Implementation: Best Practices

Regardless of the current type of business, the implementation of the ERP solution is an important project that must be seriously addressed. From cost concerns to demonstration of ROI, efforts to introduce ERP require commitment from the team and support from business leaders.

We can not know the fact that the introduction of ERP is an important business, but the process is not painful. With proper planning and implementation, implementing an ERP system is a simple process and needs to quickly improve the overall business efficiency. Below are the best practices for important implementations to take into account when choosing and implementing a solution.

Choose the Best ERP for your Company

Given the range of functions included, it is not surprising that there are multiple types of ERP implementations. The cost and complexity of running such a large project can make your approach poor, but you can choose to build your own custom system and bottom-up program.

You can also buy the internal software and install it on your company's computer or server. But consider this quiet fact before investing in an ERP field solution. Two thirds of the medium-sized companies are running the previous version of the software. Often, the pain you need to reintroduce an incremental version is considered too big, especially because of the commercial risk of each update losing significant customization or integration. To maximize the possibilities, it is important to make the ERP technology the last one. Therefore, it is essential to select a system implementation option that can be easily updated and maintain a custom function.

There is a third option: a solution based on the cloud like NetSuite. Because the system is cloud-based and is managed entirely off-site by a platform provider, a cloud-based solution does not require expensive initial investments in hardware or IT servers and requires human resources. You do not have to worry about spending. In addition, cloud-based deployments are often much faster and easier to implement than on-site deployments, and cloud-based ERP providers are responsible for keeping the technology up to date, so maintenance is much more easy. It is The most important thing, in the technology of the cloud, the extension of the product is in vain. The customization and integration are updated automatically by updating the system, so it guarantees that the company is always running with the most recent functions.

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Acquire Executive Acceptance, Create Consensus on the Implementation of ERP

Buying the executives of the company is more than just getting a signature to approve the investment in ERP solutions (which in fact is important). It means teaching leadership about what the introduction of ERP means for the company. In addition to software, ERP technology can transform businesses. This is an idea that the executive needs to support before proceeding with any implementation work. Frequent communication about executive ERP implementation plans and changes in processes is essential to expand the consensus and even the enthusiasm of your company.

Set Realistic Expectations

ERP software is a powerful technology that streamlines processes, improves visibility, reduces costs and allows companies to completely change business methods, but it does not happen overnight. The solution covers many complex front office and back office systems and back office systems that range from accounting and inventory management to e-commerce and CRM. It must be integrated to provide a perfect experience for end users.

This requires careful planning and execution time. To speed up the implementation process, make sure that the scope is appropriate and consider working with experts with experience and knowledge. The average NetSuite customer can introduce the ERP system in 3 months, which is usually much less than the company's average implementation of a year and a half.

Focus on Staff Resources and Solid Project Management

Before starting to implement ERP, make sure that personnel resources are in place to confirm the completion of the project. Although this may seem like a clear point, many companies start submitting without paying enough resources, which leads to overwork, unfortunate employees, not optimal installation.

By identifying leaders and teams dedicated to presenting the ERP, the projects will be carried out without problems. For members of the team, consider reassigning or eliminating some of the normal duties and ensuring sufficient time to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Identify team leaders with strong management skills that promote team communication, address potential problems and maintain implementation as scheduled.

Keeping these best practices in mind will help you begin to deploy in the correct orbit and maintain that implementation throughout the process. We will consider the best implementation options for your business, we will build consensus on that effort, we will establish realistic expectations and we will provide the staff with the necessary support. These steps take more time, but our experience is rich, long-term.

What is the Implementation Project?

Our team recognizes that there are three types of implementation.


The implementation works with Out-of-the-Box (OOB). Clients are a single entity without complicated processes and additional solutions are not necessary.


Application is for individual or multiple entities that require minimal customization and complement in solutions, it is a single currency and language.


Mobile solutions that transform the way you run your business: we are reputed as a top iPhone app design agency which provides mobile strategies and solutions catering our customers’ requirements and matching their business objectives. We believe that our company makes progress only when our clients’ businesses prosper.

When using Acumatica, partner recognizes the type of implementation, use the method and tools that have been established in the newly released Acumatica solution framework. It has been emphasized that it should not be treated the same as all projects in partner organizations are designed to lead, due to the dynamic nature through a variety of project types. The implementation of ERP should focus on Project Management as a key to success.

What is Project Management?

In our company, to define the Project Management "knowledge to manage the activities to achieve the project objectives, skills, tools, application of the technique," he said. The project management consists of comparing the progress with the original plan and updating the plan accordingly. To achieve this, we have put together a project management team, you will have to guide the project from start to finish.

Or to update the existing software, or the decision to introduce a new system is a big challenge. Therefore, to build a team, most receive the entire user organization the effect of ERP technology, in other words, it is necessary to configure the user. The transition is not guaranteed without problems to the new system from the old system, but the people who do the best of what it is, we hope that the result that must be achieved, will be motivated by getting the benefits of the results as soon as possible.

What is happening, what is happening, we must say exactly how it is happening throughout the process, to maintain the bond of any person, it is also important to bear in mind that it can alleviate the anxiety caused by the implementation of ERP Surprises are good and bad. The adoption of ERP technology is a business initiative, as well as new software packages and IT projects, employees who are likely to support the entire process - if you have to understand - the end user.

The project management team includes an executive sponsor who oversees the project in a part-time job. He or she will provide the expectations of the project with the necessary resources. He or she is available to help answer unavoidable questions or to alleviate all concerns raised. The team, there is a knowledge of the business, has experience in previous management, you need a project manager to be clearly able to communicate. The leaders represent the main team and project managers and are responsible for achieving the project's objectives. The remaining team members are assigned detailed tasks and responsibilities during the planning process. Team members, since the implementation of the ERP system software is more satisfied satisfied to succeed, it is necessary to select based on the level of experience and knowledge associated with the task.


What is the Implementation Stage?

Once your team is assembled, the implementation phase begins. The scenario is as follows.

  • Discovery: consists of a process that helps to obtain the commitment of the client to define and continue the need, vision and scope of the project.
  • Planning and monitoring: in addition to developing a strategy to complete the work, it consists of a process that involves measuring progress and taking corrective action as necessary. This happens throughout the process.
  • Analysis: this stage is a more detailed level of discovery and consists of a process that includes the collection of detailed requirements and analysis of the client's business needs.
  • Build: executes the process to execute the task identified in the strategy.
  • Stabilization: consists of a series of processes so that the solution meets the requirements of the client and is fully implementable in a production environment. This includes preparing the client to use the solution.
  • Deployment: the process of implementing the solution in the operating environment.
  • Go Live: the project ends in a process to help customers use live solutions.

What will Happen Next?

Our team will help you go through all these steps and to find your understanding for the question, what ERP implementation is. Whatever the type of Express, Standard, Advanced project, we have all the necessary tools, resources and methodology to implement the ERP system software. Our corporate standards and QA guarantee the professionally development and implementation of your solution. Contact us today.