Web Design UK: Website and Web Application Development in London

We are a London web design company. Our software engineers and designers provide creative internet solutions that enhance your services, increase brand awareness and sales, and improve your customer loyalty, whether it’s website design or web application development. We focus on bespoke software and desktop app development. Our goal is to help our customers achieve meaningful results through attractive and technically stunning websites and applications. We create and maintain effective projects to grow the customer's business with the help of the Internet.

Our method

We know that online business is critical to growing your business. Your website becomes an online representative of your business and we strive to move the world to make it attractive, informative and functional enough to match your identity and brand reputation. We study your business to create the right strategy to achieve your business goals. This partnership model not only helps meet your expectations, but also beyond our design. We have earned the reputation of an experienced trading partner and are ready to prove it.

Web-based applications

The concept of "web application" is quite confusing. Look at the pages of ordinary people can hardly be said to be a website or web application. The site is more informative and applications from a technical point of view are more complex. The classic Internet sites are corporate blogs, promotional sites and landing pages. Examples of web applications include Google Maps, Docs, and Webmail that offer advanced features and user interaction. Sites provide information to visitors, and web applications are responsible for processing data and more complex tasks.

The functionality of the modern website, combined with HTML5, has:

  • Responsive web design
  • Interactive and rich user interface
  • Comprehensive features, including browser-integrated audio and video players
  • Use locally stored offline HTML5 mode

Web-based applications are more complex. They focus on complex tasks such as sampling and analysis. In addition, you are able to perform complex calculations, deploy database sampling, and perform data mining on remote servers.

Sites and applications for any commercial use

We create mobile-friendly websites based on your business goals. We also integrate a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to update the content when necessary. Our web designers work with different regions of the UK as well as with industry all over the world. From a simple yet convincing manual site for complex and versatile web applications, our UK designer will find the ideal visualisation for you case and turn your ideas into reality.

Our UK web design project covers the next industry:

  • Financial
  • From HoReCa
  • Sightseeing
  • Logistics
  • Health care and so on

Create a website for small businesses

If you just want to express your business online and let people know about your business activities, we can create a simple, informative or similar booklet for your domain that will present your company, product / service, customer recommendation, Promotions and campaigns . It can be used as a promotional website, directory or blog. For example, for a women's magazine, we have created an amazing site that provides an exclusive article on beauty, style, health, and any other female interest every day.


Whether you want to sell your product on a global basis, whether you are a large company with a chain store or an exclusive commercial entrepreneur, our UK web designer can help you get online. Each product can get its own page, which contains detailed descriptions, photos and prices. We can also implement the "Add to Cart" button, integrate the purchase system, pay by credit card or PayPal. Products are classified into categories and subcategories, and visitors to your website will have no difficulty navigating your online store. We can also make your website offer discounts and other incentives to your loyal customers. In other words, we've created custom sites for everything you want. We work in the e-commerce industry and have a successful project to execute online shopping processes.


Whether you need to work in the service industry to make a commitment form, room, event, etc., or make an appointment, we can help you through the internet 24 hours a day, every day. Through a well designed website, you can manage your business. Whether you are providing a staff or service, an appointment or an event, confirmation or reminder - you can easily deal with all these through a PC or any mobile device. We can also integrate the shopping system so that customers can not only book but also pay by PayPal or credit card reservations.

Features We can integrate

When you apply for a web design company like us, you can give a total play to your imagination and ensure that we can achieve any of your ideas with a beautiful design. We have already mentioned that we can integrate the purchase and reservation system, but this is not our limit.

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We are always ready to update your website based on your growing needs. But first of all, we are here to allow you to fully promote your site content strategy. To this end, we recommend that our customers create CMS (Content Management System). We can integrate the easy-to-use CMS to help you keep changing your content at any time. You can update photos, add, edit and delete messages, be they articles, contact information, product descriptions or any other content - you will have knowledge about web coding in a simple and intuitive website management panel.

Social media

Social media is an important part of marketing activities that help improve your business activities, services, and product awareness. Integrating social media into website design is one of the most significant ways to showcase your business and increase traffic to your site. We provide you with the following ways to integrate social media into your website and make it more obvious:

  • Social sharing and followers
  • Increase the social opportunity of the user login
  • Social videos that make your site more attractive
  • Photo Instagram
  • Social proof
  • System of social commentaries

One of our standard ways is to integrate your company's existing social data into your site. Otherwise we will create some for you. There are profiles of most popular social networking companies such as LinkedIn, FB, Pinterest, Tw, Instagram.


We may inform you about the location of the site. Your domain may provide more information to local users based on their geographic location. By using API geography, GPS and IP address recognition, our web designers will teach your site to identify users' geolocation and provide useful local information. For example, find out about local promotions, view your travel routes to your office, and show nearby activities.

Drag and drop functions

Our application developers build "drag-and-drop" functionality to achieve a better, visually compelling user experience and simplify working with the site. We allow website visitors to move various elements on the screen and place them on other elements, be they icons for products, images, files, or other data.

Data storage

For data storage deployments, our developers use the Web Storage API and the indexed database API. Using these two APIs, our web applications securely process information, store and transfer securely from a remote server to a user's computer.

Mobile-friendly design

Statistics show that people are using mobile devices more online. Over 40% of sales are made through mobile devices. All Internet consumption through smart phones increased by 78%. These numbers should tell you that more than half of your site visitors can find you through a smartphone. That's why the mobile optimization of your site is important to us. In addition, Google ranked mobile affinity as one of the ranking factors, so mobile-friendly sites are higher in Google's search results and closer to their visitors.

UI / UX design

Through our UI / UX designers, make your site look better and do the best. We think the site should be attractive and attractive. If you have a nice user interface design, it's good to watch the stunning visual effects and graphics, attract the attention of your visitors and keep them, will browse and eventually use your features and your company service. However, if there is no usability and intuition, the design is ineffective. The UI and UX design is a successful combination of your website. With user experience design, we've created an easy-to-use, intuitive and easy-to-use design that is easy to navigate and combines impressive user interface design to enable users to return to your site.

Mobile version and response design

We've created a custom design for your site and applications that do not alert the models and attract potential customers. Our British designers offer some layouts until they find something for you. Knowing how much makes mobile sympathy important, we create responsive design solutions to fit any resolution and screen size. Of course, if you want to create a mobile version, we will also do it for you. Some people like mobile versions to respond to design because it is more suitable for mobile devices and has a higher Google ranking because it offers a better user experience and loads faster. But at the same time, creating a mobile version is more expensive than responsive design because it needs to be coded and maintained as well as your own site.


Our IT firm advantages

We have created and developed amazing custom websites and web applications to help you realize the best online marketing strategy for your firm. Our in-house team is an expert in UK and global web design, and we try to help you succeed. Our developers continually adjust new technology to implement innovative and cost-effective web solutions.


We find a unique software solution for your business, pay attention to details.

Qualified and experienced

We have experience in many industries and we work with a wide range of technologies for best results.


We consider your business and look forward to helping you grow and succeed. We understand your business goals and find the best way to get to know them.

Aiming for efficiency

We strive to create useful tools for your audience, which is why we pay special attention to UI / UX and mobile design.


We guarantee that we will not let you stay in the middle of the project and make sure your network software is of good quality.

Let's talk about it!

If you are looking for a UK website company, our web design agency, our team will be happy to meet you and discuss the details of your idea.