The Top 5 Smartwatch Apps to Look Out For In the Next Coming Years

The world of technology is updating from smartphones to smart-watches. Who does not like a gadget that has all the features of a smartphone and is also wearable on your wrist? Smartwatches have come like a revolution and companies like Samsung, Google and Apple have already started playing their roles in the smartwatch market. Samsung Gear S, Apple Watch and Moto 360 are some of the first series of smartwatches. One thing that every buyer will want their smartwatch to have is the app store because without apps your smart device is no longer smart.
Smartwatches are still making its presence in the market. But the future of both smartwatches and smartwatch apps is brilliant as this is the kind of device we want for our wrist.

Let’s talk about the 5 most anticipated Smartwatch Apps in the upcoming years:

WIRELESS charging apps: With the introduction of WIRELESS charging in Moto 360 smartwatch by Google, mobile apps developers have a new area for app development. Smartwatch users will definitely want an app that will allow their watch to charge wirelessly. These apps have a lot of possibilities and a good future in the world of smartwatches. Most of the new smartwatches are coming with the WIRELESS charging option and so the future of WIRELESS charging apps is definitely demanding.
Camera apps: None of the current smartwatches has a camera with it, but there are some apps that allow your smartwatch to control your smartphone camera like a remote control. Pixtocam is one such app that converts your smartwatch into a remote viewfinder for your phone’s camera. There is a big scope in this area for mobile app developers. After all, the day is not far away when a smartwatch is going to be introduced with a camera.
Games: Games have always been one of the most popular areas among app developers. First, desktop games were transformed for mobiles and now, these will be transformed smartwatches. Flopsy Droid is one such app that is a version of Flappy Bird smartphone app. Here is a nice chance for app developers. They can start working on some really nice smartphone game apps to make them compatible with smartwatches. After all, who would not want to play games via their wrists?
Travel apps: Everyone loves traveling and all of them are using their smartphones for most of the tasks including flight booking, hotel booking, cab booking, travel destinations and more. Smartwatches are going to make the tasks even easier with the help of the best travel apps. Lyft is one such app that lets you order a cab right from your writs by using your smartwatch. It also updates you with the driver’s ETA on your wristwatch.
Internet Browsers: Internet browser is always the most demanding app in any smart device so that you can direct access the internet right from your smartphone and your smartwatch. There are already many internet browsers available for smartphones, but not many for smartwear. Wear Internet Browser is one such app that allows smartwatch users to access the internet right on their wrist. There is a lot of scope in this area for apps.