The Leader among Software Development Companies: Smart Business Initiatives of Intelligent applications

In our software development company, we have created digital solutions for international firms, small businesses and other organizations to develop new possibilities for expansion, process automation and continuous improvement. We are developers, designers and experienced project managers whom you can trust.

Professional app developers

Our continuous development process allows to create software faster, better and more efficiently. Working with a strong team of IT experts, you will improve the security, quality and stability of your existing product or can work out a new software from the scratch. The creative designers draw the prototype. And the testers are responsible to check that the final visualisation we built matches your identity and answers your business demands. We ensure that digital products meet and exceed your expectations because we strive to produce quality solutions that deliver true value.

What we do

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Development of customized software

We provide a comprehensive app for mobile networks, and desktops that have contributed to the success of different companies worldwide and in different industries.

Enterprise app Creation

We have more than 150 certified experts in the team, over the years has worked in the digital industry to provide more than 300 projects. We have great experience in iOS, Android, Windows and mobile back-end app development and support support after the integration of various services.

Website design

We provide web development, mobile security, integration services, maintenance and other services to ensure that strong online business enterprises, improve sales, improve visibility and expand the customer base.

Company system

We create intranets and enterprise network systems to help automate day-to-day processes, facilitate workflow management, and increase productivity.

Customer Relationship Management

Our digital group can consult you with business development and research, review your website and software, and optimize your B2B and B2C solutions to increase customer loyalty.

Business Intelligence

We have extensive experience in providing data warehouses, dashboards, analytical reports, online analytical processing (OLAP) systems and other data science services to companies of all sizes.

Why choose our group among hundreds of IT-firms?

Talented specialist

Our software design organization has more than 150 experts and enthusiastic team of experts, continue to grow and develop. We thoroughly select each candidate based on skills, qualifications and experience.

Experience of the IT industry

At the beginning of the smartphone era, we are one of the pioneers of app development, has worked with many international brands over the years, using first-class software creation technology.

Extensive Portfolio

The experienced developers have provided hundreds of successful organizational projects to different industries around the world, including start-up, healthcare, tourism, manufacturing, transportation, education and other industries.

Innovative commercial software

In our app design company, we have developed a unique and efficient software that meets your specific needs and adapts to your business. The experts are committed to creating applications that meet all requirements, reflecting your company's identity and providing a good user experience while maintaining your budget and deadlines. As a complement project development services, we offer continuous maintenance and optimization of your IT products.

Experience in the cross industry

In cooperation with many businesses in different industries for years, our app development company has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and understanding of a number of areas. Our custom software creation service meets the specific needs of each of our partners, and accumulating such practice, we are ready to work on your project, and guaranty, that it will be far superior to any available solution.

We have proven the experience in the following areas:

  • Health care (order management, inventory monitoring and online catalogs for large pharmaceutical companies);
  • Financial and banking (main banking payment systems and mobile portfolio applications);
  • Telecommunications (telecommunication service providers, mobile and desktop applications);
  • Retail (international warehouse monitoring, marketing tools and online shopping systems).
  • To add more, we've created software for the manufacturing, entertainment, logistics, rail, catering, tourism, and construction industries and are poised to translate our experience into new customers and broaden the horizons.
Software development process

We are very careful and responsible to handle each project, first of all to carefully check your company: our experts analyze your business processes and needs and help you develop a comprehensive specification of software requirements if you want to create a solution of quality Completely covering your business needs. We chose the method of programm development according to the requirements of the project, focusing on two popular methods: agile and waterfall.

Waterfall or agile?

When customers have a clear understanding of the applications they want to create and detailed specifications of requirements, we choose a method of waterfall. And agile approach is more suitable to meet some changes and when the whole process is not clear. So, with 2 weeks iterations we implement agreed set of features, which may have been changed even in the final stage of development. After delivering the project, we offer professional support, monitoring and maintenance of the products.

We offer high quality software

Our IT team is comprised of leading experts with the best university degree and a lot of practise of partisipation in ambitious and challenging projects. They have a deep understanding of the latest technology and years of experience, allowing them to provide high-level projects within budget and deadlines. The developers working in our software company are skilled specialists who are committed to creating stable, secure, feature rich, user friendly, intuitive, efficient and flexible program that offers continuous improvements, regular updates and easy-to-maintain software.


Techs We Use

We are not afraid of challenging projects, proficient in the use of many advanced technologies such as:

  • iOS: Xcode 8, Objective-C, Swift, Watch OS, iCloud, tvOS,
  • Android:Java for Android, Android SDK, CoronaSDK, C ++, PhoneGap, JQuery Mobile, ASP.NET Web Api,WPF, WCF, Python ASP.NET Web Api, Unity, C #, Castle Windsor Container, Visual Basic .NET, F #, Structure Map , Ninject, C ++, ASP.NET MVC 1-6, .NET, AutoFac
  • PHP: HTML, MySQL, JSON, CSS, OOP, MVC, XML, Apache, Laravel, Symphony, Nginx,
  • JavaScript: React / Redux, Ember, Angular, jQuery, Node.js, Express.js, HAPI.js, Koa.js,

Software integration

Software integration is a complicated process that can take a lot of efforts, resources and time, but over the years we have built a simplified process that allows us to quickly and efficiently integrate different services smoothly. Our app design experts ensure that we create a product that seamlessly integrates with existing resource planning platforms, enterprise content management systems, customer relationship management solutions, and other business solutions.

Native mobile app development

We provide customized mobile development services in banks, transportation, manufacturing, construction, and many other industries. We've focused on native applications and installed many iOS and Android applications for millions of users. Our company's expertise in web-based enterprise solutions encompasses software products such as lightning management systems, delivery tracking solutions, accounting systems, that work in UK express delivery operators and project cost management applications which allow construction companies to calculate project costs and manage resources.

We can boast:

  • More than a decade of mobile app industry experience;
  • More than 100 mobile developers;
  • Over 300 internationally recognized iOS and Android applications.

Benefits of mobile app

The mobile app industry has grown rapidly since the launch of the first smartphone, and more and more companies have shifted mobile solutions to the competitive environment, enabling them to improve efficiency and meet the changing needs of the modern public. Although a large number of applications are launched every day, it is still a great challenge to find an experienced and reliable app developer.

Enterprise Mobile

In our software development firm, we provide a wide range of services ranging from the design of local mobile applications to the implementation of software, support for complex corporate systems and integration. We are the pros who know the difference between B2B and B2C and understand how technologies work and always find solutions tailored to a specific purpose. Our experienced and experienced developers create native programs that appeal to users, provide employees with rich functionality, accelerate mobile and innovation.

Research and development of business

We develop simple, high-tech applications for businesses of all sizes, from small local stores to large international companies. Thanks to our high quality business analyst, through in-depth research on your business, which can identify the needs of your company, our website development agencies can even offer customers efficient software without the need for design expertise applications. If you are unfamiliar with Internet technology and do not know how to improve your business productivity through mobile solutions, you can rely on our experts to specify your requirements and provide applications that do not require special training.

Let's work together

Our experts believe that cooperation and mutual respect are the foundation of every successful project, so we are prepared to build trust and provide you with free cost estimates and advice. By evaluating costs and doing initial planning, you can continue to develop your digital products with our wide range of services. With our bespoke first-class software, your business will reach a whole new level, create more revenue and bring you new benefits.