Mobile Site Development: the Guide to Creating your Smartphone Website

Our development agency specialists have a solid background in web development and ready to share their knowledge with you, explain what works and what is happening in smartphone site development, and what are the basic principles of search engine optimization that the site must follow.

How to locate mobile communication

There is no doubt that the smartphone website is a must for today's smartphone-centered world where mobile devices are already off the desktop and developing mobile-optimized sites is a must for every successful business.There are three main ways to look for a major search engine like Google to determine if a visitor visits the site through the desktop or through a handheld device:

  • Sensitive development for smartphone and Tablet PC: HTML contains a mobile phone and a desktop version of the website, the server according to the device definition used to show which of the visitors.
  • Dynamic site: Depending on the visitor's device, the URL will display different HTML and CSS.
  • Separate mobile sites: Desktop URLs have URLs that support relevant smartphones, such as and
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Which option to choose?

We have to eliminate all myths from the starting point "m": you are not limited to that. You can use any of your favorite development projects for subfolder or subdomain (, or any top-level domain (google.mbl). Google tends to be bigger than other types of responsive design websites, but of course each option has its advantages and the fall that you decide the best for you.

Responsive web

The responsive design site sends the data to the server to view one or more versions by viewing the device configuration and screen size. The CSS3 media query used in this case also includes the height, orientation, width, and resolution of the view. The Google-recommended CSS3 media query is "screen only for @media and (max-width: 640px) {...}". Other CSS for smaller display devices, such as iPhones or Android smartphones, are in parentheses. During the development process, make sure the mobile page is below the main CSS to override the settings you set for the desktop

Maximum width and minimum width attribute

If the maximum width property is set to 640px, there is no difference between the horizontal or vertical orientation of the device. For example, the width of the iPhone on the landscape road is 640px, the width of the picture is 480 pixels. This may seem tricky, but in fact, these pixel sizes are not the actual pixel density of the smartphone, but the CSS pixels. If you want to know more information, you can make your site respond to the size of each device - you just need to set the minimum width and maximum width range during the development phase.

How to hide the huge elements

To detect sensitive sites, Google uses robots - Googlebot and Googlebot Mobile, which can be viewed through site images, CSS and Javascript to see if they are optimized for smartphones. That's why in the Web development process, you should not exclude robots in the robots.txt pattern. If you rearrange the page elements to fit different screen sizes, then this is great if some pages have sidebars and what do you want to do? You can not allow such a large element on a mobile page. There's an exit: use the "display: none" attribute as a text box or other component to hide. Content displayed on a larger screen is hidden and then replaced with a link.

Web Development Tools: Advantages and Disadvantages

For a responsive website development, you need to have a full understanding of the IT technologies, so if you are not a professional programmer, you should be better able to hire a professional web development team. Iif you need a simple page that has nothing, you can use web development tools, such as WP Touch for Wordpress, can provide smartphone users with a very basic version of the site optimized for the device. However, if your web development project caters to a wider audience, these development tools are not the best option because they can not provide the experience you want.

Advantages and disadvantages of responsive web design


  • A URL can be more easily shared and memorized
  • You do not need to use the user agent to redirect visitors to your site to minimize your risk
  • Robots only crawl your site once and will not see all of the user agents. This method allows you to index more resources and time for the site.


  • The content of the mobile page is similar to the site
  • If you need sensitive website development, you should have a great experience of developing tools and technology, which can be challenging. Responsive web design is a complicated development process that requires a lot of time and resources
  • If you opt for making your website respond or go to any other version of the friendly website for smartphones, if you have the correct marketing campaign and your content is optimized for the search engine, you will not be as influential

Dynamic service site development

The dynamic delivery site uses the desktop version by default, and the CSS and HTML that need to be provided can be detected by the user agent according to the browser and device required.

As a result, user agents play a key role in dynamic services. However, you should be aware that because the new smartphone is launched every day, user-agent testing can lead to errors and can not include each model in the list of user agent chains. Then, soon, you will be listed out of date and the version of your website. Also, it is very difficult to find the correct user agent string before getting some popularity from the smartphone. Earning valuable time inevitably leads to loss of valuable traffic.

Advantages and disadvantages of dynamic service

When you decide to use the dynamic delivery site, make sure the search engine knows that there are some hidden mobile content that needs to be considered. You can do this on the server side through the Vary HTTP response header. The advantages of this method are:

  • Unique URL
  • You do not need to redirect users
  • These shortcomings are as follows:
  • Robots need to use a different user agent to index many pages
  • Redirecting the user agent has a high risk of error

How to move the URL site

When you create a mobile version of the website, it means that every desktop URL has a relevant page with smartphone-friendly content. The server reads the user device information again and redirects it to the appropriate version. The desktop version of each page on your site should have a rel = "alternate" tag that causes the mobile version in the

section. In this way, the search engine robot will know that the page has a version optimized for mobile devices, you can also index it.

Using the key label

Do not forget that the version of your smartphone should have a default label for the guided desktop version. This will help Google robots understand - they are two versions of a page and don't need to be indexed individually, otherwise their mobile version will be treated as plagiarism and ranked first by the search engine. The rel = specification must be implemented in the mobile website, and rel = alternate can also be placed at the site map level. Myth Destruction Alert: If the rel = specification is implemented, there are two separate URLs that will not cause links to dilute and degrade rankings.

How do users redirect to mobile URLs?

Let's break another myth - add the rel = canonical tag to yourweb site and it will not affect the search engine ranking or cause link dilution. So how does the browser redirect your site visitors to your smartphone URL? There are two possible ways to do it:

  • Redirect HTTP according to HTTP header
  • JavaScript Redirect While this method is slower, your smartphone must go through the entire script to redirect to the mobile version
Advantages and disadvantages of mobile URL


    URLs are designed for smartphonesare easier to build and implement

A standalone mobile website provides the best user experience for your customers because you are free to design each element and every feature so that it appears to be smooth and intuitively working on a small screen without having to consider those elements Desktop version, which is an urgent response or a dynamic service solution when you create it.


  • In the tracking efficiency of the robot is not high. This causes the mobile version to be out of date when indexed
  • There is a risk of error when redirecting

What's next?

Contact our mobile web development group, understand the needs of your company and advise on the best strategy for smartphones. If you choose to hire it, we will create stunning digital products to expand your business including mobile websites, custom software, business systems, e-commerce platforms, local mobile applications and other solutions and services.