Mobile App Results: Know Your Audience

Results That Flow With Your Mobile App: Know Your Audience
Having a Mobile App for your business is simply adding another element to your current marketing pie that will reach a greater audience. The app becomes a tool to communicate, gain leads and make sales while adding value to your business and customers.
Like any marketing though, you can either send your message out to the marketplace randomly and hope for the best OR you can market to a predetermined group of people, or area/niche, and achieve results and a return on your marketing dollar/time investment.
Knowing your audience is vital before you start any marketing campaign. Your budget will be spent in a far more effective way if the strategies you intend on using are actually being seen and heard by your customers and future customers – the ones who are interested and will be attracted.
Attraction marketing is far more successful than the hit and miss of many of the old methods. Spending thousands of dollars on a newspaper ad when 80% of the people will either not see it, will not be interested or will look at it, be interested and then forget who you are or what the ad was because life got busy and the paper got thrown out!
Thats just one example and yes, I understand that this type of ad can work for some businesses but my advice is to measure it, and if you are not getting ROI then experiment with something else.
Knowing your audience means you can target your marketing. This strategy will place your business right where it needs to be, in front of the people who will buy from you.
Ask yourself these questions:
  • Who is my audience/buyer/customer/client?
  • What do they do?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • What problem do they want solved?
  • What are their interests?
  • Are they mobile?
Just being clear on these things will enable you to really target your message for fast response. Speak to your audience about how you can solve their problem, offer a solution and an easy way for them to contact you, buy from you or work with you.
Your entire marketing system, when working effectively, will be constantly bringing in new leads, referrals and sales and a Mobile App as part of this system, will enhance ALL areas of communication, marketing and getting in front of your audience, where they are…mobile.
With the new financial year about to start, take a look at what your business currently uses to reach your ideal customer.
  • Is it time to step that up and use the technology that is most effective?
  • Is it time to be standing out in the marketplace and being heard over all the other marketing noise?
  • Is it time for YOUR business to be in the hands of your customer…on their phone?
Get to know your audience, then reach them where they are.