Why Your Company Must Reconsider the Enterprise App Development

Today's discussion of app development is attracting considerable attention of organizations, especially in large enterprises that often have budgets and IT resources to build their own mobile enterprise apps. Employees, customers, or regardless of whether they are designed for both, company, various recognized advantage, the ability to control the entire environment, the ability to access the app in a secure manner, You can customize the app to adapt to specific devices and needs.

However, many of these perceptions are obsolete and defective. There are several important reasons why companies should reconsider their internal development of mobile applications and their high-cost and resource-intensive methods to build enterprise app stores.

Inappropriate Use of Internal IT

It is impossible for most small and medium businesses to create custom mobile apps. However, even the large companies that can afford to develop and manage an app store are not the right path for the development.

According to an Appcelerator study, company executives expect mobile applications to be innovative and hope to help customers and their relationships, competitiveness and growth and profit efficiency. However, it is unlikely that these corporate leaders seek success, as scarce resources for mobile efforts, lack of technical standardization, lack of clear direction and strategy, need for integration with enterprise data, distributed mobile initiatives. I recognized several obstacles.

Even large corporations have value in the development of mobile apps, but it shows that IT resources often deviate to issues of other organizations. Many large enterprise customers who take advantage of an external cloud-based store have the advantage of being able to help these developers and IT managers if there are more pressing needs. This is a process that takes too much time not only to create mobile apps, but also to manage the support for updating apps. Anticipate ways to improve the usability of support applications focused on devices used at specific times instead of forward looking innovation.

Enterprise-Class Development Introduces Complexity

The development and administration of custom mobile applications imply some complexity for the organization. Even if a large company builds an enterprise app for a small number of platforms, it still costs a lot. However, the biggest problem is that large companies evolve and change as small businesses, and technical needs are similar. As a result, unless you continue to need a developer and, ultimately, only support a mobile platform, unless you continue with costly processes that update the platform and add new features, over time,

Custom-made enterprise applications can also prevent innovation. Instead of hiring developers to support and maintain apps, you can accelerate innovation by leveraging a cloud platform that allows you to focus on iterative processing in the enterprise. I'm trying to keep it going.

Once you have created a traditional enterprise app, the platform and applications take considerable time and resources to support and test new versions of operating systems and devices, and to mitigate downtime and other technical / user issues.

Cost Versus Benefit

The executive commitment is to address the concerns, but it is equally important to communicate the benefits of an external solution based on the cloud. Providers must clearly demonstrate the savings in funds and resources of the organization compared to the use of the cloud, the rapid and simple implementation of apps, seamless integration with existing systems in the company, the creation of internal business applications .

Similar to enterprise enterprise apps, third-party mobile business applications are still in the initial stage of implementation. But it is obvious that a concrete example is a robust app environment that is designed to meet the needs of an organization, regardless of its size, industry or geography. Instead of using an external mobile environment to download, customize, create and create applications that are moving from "recruitment to addiction" within the company and create traditional business apps, companies will go during the period.

Consumers of mobile space technologies are improving the ability of solutions, such as software developers, to meet the broad, secure, powerful and elegant needs, not only of small businesses but also of large companies.

7 Tips Improve the Business App Development Plan

Regardless of whether you are a member of the development team or the end user experience, these seven tips will help you improve the iOS enterprise app development plan to develop applications for the iOS platform. These are practical tips that you have learned when developing highly specialized applications in the last 5 years.

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Process First

In summary, clarify the problem that your product wishes to solve. Access to real-time data is probably the center of what you want to do with the app. Improved mobility, simplified processes and faster cycle times are the three main benefits provided by business apps. Therefore, make sure that the infrastructure has features that many concurrent users admit without failing. Spend like a long-planned backend system, like you do in the front end. Make sure you can respond to the amount of data you need to send, even if the signal goes down, so that the infrastructure can support all connected devices. In the excellent enterprise app development planning process, you must pay close attention to the sharing of benefits.

Be Agile: Start First with a Great Victory, be Ruthless

When building a great product that makes all data and processes mobile, you may not mind revolutionizing the company, but please resist. The larger the app, the more likely it is that it will fail. When you plan, think quickly. Prioritize the functions, first create the best, ignore all other functions until you release, test and succeed the first version. The smaller the size of the app, the easier and faster the development, the higher the adoption rate and the lower the budget.

Plan for Implementation Management

Making software is another thing to see if someone can use it. You should know how you plan to get the program on each device and you want to manage the version control of the app, controlling the operating system version. There are many MDM tools (mobile device management) there, so it's hard to do. But I'm surprised at how many companies are not considering implementing them until the product is ready. In any case, MDM has a meaning. Because it standardizes security settings and controls fleets professionally and efficiently.

Plan the Signal Loss in your App

What happens if there is no signal when handling the data? The majority of the United Kingdom still has difficulty obtaining 4G coverage, and there are difficulties for 3G and little coverage. The planning of the signal loss of the app will reduce the risk of rejection of the user and will improve the effectiveness of the app. Simply, that is important. If possible, use the device's data caching to carefully plan where data processing occurs. It is attractive to do a heavy lifting of applications on the server side, is it always possible?

Can an App Function as a Data Bridge?

Most companies end up with data silos. Because companies develop organically, acquire new businesses, integrate departments, etc., they are facts of life. We work in many applications where only heterogeneous systems are integrated. The combination of data from the silos did not make sense until mobility was enabled, which made it a priority. When starting a project plan, look for opportunities to improve profit sharing by integrating disparate data systems.


Make your User a Guide for Development: Incorporate the ROI into the Plan

If you are adopting an agile development method, you must plan a feedback loop for the development process. How are user comments incorporated? How do you prioritize and act? If you want to maximize your return on investment, we will provide you with the most necessary items so that you can guide the development. If you need to know more about agile development, we will gladly introduce expert trainers.

Plan Device Loss: Protect Data

No one wants to lose their device, but someone does. Are your data safe? iPhone 6 or later iPhone has a biometric authentication function and can be incorporated into the app. Using a simple path, but it is attractive not to use or security to use a password, if the user does not use the .MDM to write their password, to access the device using a powerful path code I can not.

Key to Success

The key to the successful development of applications is the planning process. Anyone who can cut the code can write an app. The development of authorized business applications can be a large and expensive project and a headache for the development team. Amsys Digital is committed to the profitable planning, design and development of tools that transform business processes and increase productivity.

If you do not have a chain with a half-day consultant discussing your enterprise app development project, visit our contact page. We are experts in implementation and support of the most complicated enterprise systems.